D_A_R_trio (FR/Burkina-Faso)

Adama Dramé > djembe, vocals
Jean-Jacques Avenel > double bass, kora
François Raulin > piano

Born of a musical and human encounter between musicians from France and Burkina-Faso, in particular with the percussionist Adama Dramé, this trio – initiated by François Raulin – is another discovery of musical exchanges and sharing. The success of this Trio is based on the great performance of Jean-Jacques Avenel, double-bass and kora player, on the compilation of traditional lullabies and other counting rhymes collected by Adama Dramé, and last but not least, on improvisations and scores written by the pianist François Raulin. Cultural crossbreeding and musical encounter between three great performers are the magic words of this concert.

During this Nordic tour the D_A_R_trio will visit two majors and long established jazz events: Umeå Jazz Festival (39th edition) and Tampere Jazz Happening (25th edition). Both festivals are reputated to provide big crowds with plenty of soul vitamines at the time when the darkness spreads all over! The trio will perform in Oslo in the "CAK" , the Centre for the promotion of African Culture which is a unique forum of that kind in the whole Scandinavia . The band will also play in the legendary Glenn Miller Café , a must of the music life in the Swedish Capital Town . Jazzkaar , the main jazzpromoter in the Baltics, will present the trio in the contemporary Art museum of Tallinn , the brand new KUMU. D_A_R will also play in Estonia in the cosy and live Cultural House of Viljandi . The Polytechnics of Mikkeli is also keeping alive the cultural flame in Eastern Finland by inviting D_A_R to perform the last concert of this tour in ist fine black box theater "Artium".

The clou of this nomad music caravan through the Northern lands will be host by the prestigious Savoy Theater in Helsinki . The drummer Eric Echampard will join forces with Avenel and Raulin to form the second trio performing on the stage of Savoy . And the quartet of Pepa Päivinen will provide the full bloom of Finnish music which this concert evening deserves, since it will celebrate ten years of Free Voices and Free Sounds (Vapaat äänet_Voix et sons libres)!

Tour producer:
La Forge www.laforgecir.com

Tour Manager:
Vapaat äänet – Charles Gil




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